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  • Chantal Aliet

    Chantal is a certified Do-In Yoga teacher and trained STOTT PILATES®️ mat and reformer teacher. In 1997 she started with various forms of yoga and pilates. At first Chantal practiced yoga and pilates as an alternative to the gymnastics, dancing, and martial arts she did as a child, but soon she noticed the positive impact on body and mind. It gave her the peace of mind and energy to work a full-time job alongside her studies.

    Years later, she discovered that training consciously does not only mean that you will gain inner tranquility and improved fitness, flexibility, and strength. Especially when combined with the teachings of traditional Eastern medicine, as is the case with Do-In Yoga, you can gain spiritual-awareness, focus, joy, body awareness, increased self-healing ability of the body, and a more connected body and mind. These are things Chantal wishes for everyone to experience - for instance in her classes and/or through one of her individual development guidance or inspiration sessions.