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  • Daphne Yannakakis

    A lover of life, learning and experience, Daphne brings a wealth of knowledge, guidance and fun to her Pilates group classes and private sessions. She has been physically active her entire life from many years of competitive diving as a youth to her enjoyment of  skiing,  biking and swimming in her adult life. She discovered Pilates about 13 years ago when struggling  with lower back and hip pain and found that the method helped relieve and maintain a level of strenghth, focus and balance.   Pilates continued to inspire her over the years,  married well to  her love of observing movement and coaching  from her many years as a springboard diver and coach, leading  her to pursue her teaching certification.

    Daphne received her Comprehensive Mat and Equipment certification through BASI in 2011, is a graduate of the The Heritage Training™  in 2020 with Cara Reeser and has completed multiple seminars through Movement Science Made Simple  and is currently a National Certified Pilates Instructor  . Daphne’s teaching style focuses on the  precision of movement/motor control, flow, balance, breath, concentration, centering, with an emphasis on mastering foundation movements so that the more advanced movements progress naturally without injury. Daphne encourages the exploration of movement to find greater depth and connection to one’s interior landscape and honors each  individual and their learning process .  Daphne is also a Registered Ortho-Bionomy® practitioner through Society Ortho-Bionomy® International  .